Terms of Use

1. Consent to the Terms


   By engaging with, investing in, or utilizing Xailes' services (referred to as "the Project" from this point), you (hereafter "the User") concur with the stipulations (the "Terms") outlined here. Should any of these Terms be disagreeable to you, refrain from availing the services of the Project.

2. Nature of Services


   The Project provides services anchored on cryptocurrency and blockchain, encompassing but not confined to investment options and subscriptions.

3. Criteria for Service Usage


   Users wishing to access the Project's services must:

   - Be no younger than 18 years.

   - Adhere to all local, state, and national laws, inclusive of the United Arab Emirates' regulations.

   - Not be barred by any legal body from employing cryptocurrency or blockchain services.

4. Service Subscription


   The Project allows users to enroll for its services. Details about fees, features, and specific conditions of each subscription tier will be highlighted during the subscription process.

5. Investment Opportunities


   The Project might present investment chances to eager Users at its own discretion. These chances will have their distinct conditions and risks, clearly stated during the investment proposition.

6. **Associated Risks**


   Cryptocurrencies and blockchain initiatives naturally have their risks, such as:

   - Cryptocurrency value fluctuations.

   - Possible forfeiture of funds.

   - Alterations in regulations and laws.


   Users should be fully aware of these risks prior to utilizing the Project's offerings.

7. **Taxation and Adherence to Regulations**


   Any tax, fee, or duty arising from a User's engagement with the Project's services is the sole responsibility of the User. The Project won't offer tax counseling or guarantee that Users adhere to regulations.

8. **Service Access Revocation**


   The Project can, if required, revoke or pause any User's access if:

   - The User breaches these Terms.

   - The User's activities are perceived to be illegal or deceitful.

9. **Settling Conflicts**


   Discrepancies stemming from the use of the Project's services shall be settled as per the United Arab Emirates' laws. Both parties concur to resolve such issues via arbitration in the United Arab Emirates.

10. **Restriction of Responsibility**


    The Project won't be held accountable for any direct or indirect damages, whether incidental or consequential, stemming from the use or non-use of its services.

11. **Alterations to These Terms**


    The Project holds the authority to change these Terms when deemed necessary. Regularly reviewing these Terms for updates is the User's responsibility.

12. **Applicable Legislation**


    These stipulations are influenced by and interpreted based on the United Arab Emirates' legal framework.